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Weekly Recipes and Resources

NXR Food

Are you busy?

No time to cook?

Still want to eat healthily?

Then why not workout and pick lunch or dinner at the same time?

New to 2021 – have your meal prepared by a qualified nutritionist AND ready for you to collect after your workout.  All meals are cooked fresh and delivered to your gym. All you need to do is order and pay online and pick it up when you leave the gym. All meals are clean, fresh and healthy, with no additives or hidden nasties. All meals have a good macro balance with a preference for ‘good’ carbs, low fat protein and plenty of high fibre/high nutrient veggies.

We understand there is a range of dietary needs. Vegan, gluten free (GF), and FODMAP options are available, please contact us.

Made by Us

The ‘Made by Us’ menu includes:

Family Favourites.  These options are based on classic family favourites with a healthy twist.  Whether with hidden veggies, healthy oils or lower calories, they are guaranteed to be packed with flavour, yet still help you kick your goals.

Fresh and Fabulous. This menu is focussed on fresh and seasonal options. Packed with seasonal vegetables, high in protein and low in calories, this menu is perfect for those who want the taste without adding to the waistline and are looking for fresh alternatives.

Super snacks. Feel like a nibble in between without feeling guilty? Whether you have a sweet tooth, or prefer savoury foods, there is something for everyone.


Made by You

The ‘Made by You’ shopping Boxes

Want to cook at home, but don’t have the time to plan the meal, and go shopping before you even get to cooking?

Then let us take do the hardwork, and we’ll bring the meal to you.

Our ‘Made by You’ menu means we’ll bring the ingredients to your door, along with a handy ‘how to cook’ recipe card.  All you need to do is unpack the goodies and cook up an easy and  nutritionally balanced meal, in the comfort of your own home.

Choose from a 2 or 4 person option


Made by kids


‘Made by Kids’: There is also an option for the younger members of your household. Kids love to cook. So by following the ‘Made by Kids’ recipe cards they can produce a simple, healthy meal and learn cooking basics at the same time

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