meet the client

Meet Ann Marie.

Ann Marie has been coming to Nubody since we opened. She has recently won our inaugural 6-week challenge, and lost an amazing 25.5cm from her frame, through a combination of exercise and tailored eating advice.

Let’s get some more info from the lady herself:


What is your favourite type of training?

Weight and strength training


What classes do you come to and which is your favourite?

I attend Box HIIT, Group PT and twice a week Body Blitz. Body Blitz is my favourite – Jacqui provides an amazing program with variety, challenges and FUN! Working out with others is motivational and challenging.

What is something interesting about yourself?

I have lived in most regional areas in South Australia and have moved house 12 times.


What are your favourite activities outside of Nubody?

  • Socialising with family and friends
  • Going to music concerts
  • Travelling
  • Meeting people

What type of trainers do you wear?

New Balance – recommended to me by Your Foot Doctor Podiatry.