Let’s build a better U together

qualified nutritionist & personal trainer

Nubody is a 1 stop shop for your health. Jacqui’s unique approach treats you holistically.

tailored for U

The training sessions at Nubody are personalised to your level and ability so that you reach your goals faster.

fun community

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. We believe in creating a fun community who works out and plays together.

what is nubody?

Nubody is the brainchild of Jacqui D’Silva. Frustrated by the inability of personal trainers to give any meaningful advice regarding diet, she went back to university to study nutrition.

Now as the only qualified nutritionist and personal trainer in the Barossa, she wants to help you to obtain your body goals. Nubody is a 1 stop shop. For expert advice on nutrition and fitness, nubody will provide a holistic and tailored service to enable U to smash your health and fitness goals. Jacqui has been an experienced personal trainer for over 13 years with a nutrition degree from Flinders University.

Nubody aims to educate you to eat better and more healthily, whilst supporting your training and getting you fit in a meaningful and smart manner.

Nubody is about managing the calories in with the calories out.

Targeting both diet and exercise can change your life, give you more energy and improve how you look. Nubody is the only place in the Barossa that combines these two powerful elements.

nubody train

No-one loves food more than a nutritionist, and no one loves to work out more than a personal trainer.  Combine them both and U have the support that will take your health and fitness goals to the next level.

Train your body from the inside out with a trainer that is qualified to advise U what to eat and how to train effectively.