meet the client

Meet Mark.

Mark won our last biggest loser program, and lost from his waistline and enjoyed learning some new healthier eating knowledge. Mark is a native Kiwi and big supporter of the All Blacks. 

By day he works for Ahrens, and in his spare time he is a volunteer firefighter with Angaston CFS. When he gets time, he loves to ride around the Barossa on his Harley Davidson, or enjoying a good cook up on the BBQ or smoker.

Let’s get some more info from the lad himself:


What is your favourite type of training?

2 times a week, boxing class and PT


What classes do you come to and which is your favourite?

Depends on the mood I am in.


What was the key thing you learnt in the 6-week challenge?

Food intake and eating the right foods


Tell us something fun about you?

I wear very bright / loud shirts


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right here in the Barossa, we moved here 6 years ago from Darwin NT and think here is just the best place to live