nubody challenge

6 week challenge

Nubody 6-week challenges run during school terms throughout the year and are designed to kickstart your health goals.

If U are looking to challenge yourself, then having the combined expertise of your qualified nutritionist and personal trainer, U will have the best support to achieve your goals and maintain them.

Nubody will provide U with the tools to get you feeling fabulous and get results. Whether you want to get fit, lose those stubborn kilos, smash your PB, or improve your eating, we’re here to help.

The 6-week challenge includes:

Choose from two classes per week or one personal training session per week, or a combination of both.

Additionally, you will be supported with:

  • Weekly Workout Challenges (WOW)
  • 1 on 1 Nutrition Support meeting
  • Weekly Nutritional Challenges
  • Pre and Post Weigh In

The next 6-Week challenge starts August 2022.  For more details, contact Jacqui to discuss your challenge level and enrol.