meet the client

Meet Carly

By day she is a mild mannered vet, but by night her hobby requires her to be incredibly agile, strong and flexible. 
Pole dancing is an amazing workout and Carly has been doing this for 4 years. Working with Carly we have been developing strength, flexibility and stamina to help her fly, flip and slink around the pole.

Let’s get some more info from the lady herself:


How many times do you train at Nubody?

2x 30 minute sessions a week


What's your favourite type of training?

 Active flexibility and leg strength training (even though I will complain about it the whole time)



Why did you start training with Nubody?

I injured myself pole dancing a year ago and realised I needed help to improve my strength and flexibility if I was going to advance in my pole dancing and avoid more injuries.



Tell us something fun about you?

I have a background in ballet, but one day switched the pointe shoes and tutu’s for 8 inch heels and booty shorts and am definitely having more fun!

What's your favourite type of animal?

Horses, but really all animals (except rats)

How much do your pole shoes weigh?

Only 600 grams! But they certainly feel like a lot more when you are wearing them!